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We've all been through one or more difficult circumstances, otherwise known as "trauma". Regardless of what the trauma is, our brain stores it all the same way, and it ends up impacting our day to day lives. We develop anxiety, depression, fears/phobias, relationship problems, substance abuse issues, and other issues, as our brain's natural defense mechanism to keep us safe and alert. 


Imagine if you could move forward with your life, being able to live without the negative impact from your past.  Imagine being able to have more healthy relationships and being able to function on a day to day basis without the constant interruptions from your past holding you back. Isn't it time that you moved forward with your life?


At Trauma and Counseling Solutions, you will be served by an EMDR Certified Therapist in Spring Hill, who can provide individual therapy and counseling, individual EMDR, group EMDR, and other trauma-informed models of care. Our location is easily accessible to clients looking for a counselor in Spring Hill, Brooksville and New Port Richey.

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Trauma and Counseling Solutions

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